Moldavskiy Standart 3 years


Rich golden color, with brownish patches of light, balanced harmonious character.


Rich and complex bouquet, containing a variety of Riesling and Aligote aromas, combined with flavours of apples, flowers, vanilla, with mild classic aftertaste.

Fully suits the traditional standards of the best French cognacs. Experts make it of high-quality cognac spirits, using unique French equipment, in order to achieve the ideal composition and conformity to its name.

Gastronomic combinations

— it goes ideally with the classic cup of coffee and chocolate.


In 2004, at “World Food Ukraine 2004” exhibition, “Moldavskii Standard” cognac was awarded with a medal at the tasting contest. At “Peterfood-2004” exhibition — the golden medal at the tasting category. The cognac was also awarded the golden medal at “Prodexpo-2005”, category — best foreign product and the golden medal at “Expovin-2005” exhibition.

Exported to 9 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Countries, Israel, Germany, and Kazakhstan.


To be served 19-21°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml
Quantity in package 20
Cognac rating VS
Aging at least 3 years
Grape variety Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Rkatsiteli
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.


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