About Moldavskiy Standard House

We care, we produce, we give. We give a contact with the sun. These are our standards. Welcome!

We inherited from our ancestors – Moldavian wine-makers, the infinite love for the Moldavian land, Moldavian traditions and Moldavian hospitality.

We consider a golden rule to serve to our guests the best we have – our cognacs – the fiery soul of the Moldavian grapes, a real sun sparkle.

The cognacs of Moldavskiy Standard house, having gathered the sun rays, the scent of the Moldavian grass, have also acquired the sunny nature, they are as hospitable and hearty as the people of Tvardita.

Our cognacs were born in Tvardita. It is a southern district of Moldova, a territory of joyful and kind people, of sweet vine and warm sun. It seems that the sun settled here in these blessed places and satiates with its love each bunch of amber vine.

The force of Moldavskiy Standard House resides in the careful and attentive treatment of the personality of each produced cognac, of the heart of vine and Moldavian land that fill our drinks with magic.

The love and respect for cognacs, the science and craftsmanship of the cellar age experts, the high professionalism of the collective, the traditional standards of the ancestors and the huge technical achievements of the Moldavskiy Standard House – all these make the foundation of the good reputation held by the collection of drinks.

The permanent development of the company, the introduction of approved universal technologies, and the improvement of qualification for the sake of our work prove our unique attitude towards cognacs.