Original tehnology

The production at the factory is made under the supervision of experienced French technologists

Moldavskiy Standard House is the greatest wine and cognac-making factory in the south of the Republic of Moldova. The factory obtains 40 thousand dL of high quality cognac spirit with strongly marked delicate aroma per year. The factory processes approximately 10 thousand dL of wine materials each month or 120 thousand dL per year.

These figures are impressive for any European factory.

After the distillation, the cognac spirits are classified: the perfect high-class materials are placed in oak barrels imported from the motherland of the cognac – France, and the standard spirits are placed in reservoirs made of stainless steel with the capacity of 50 thousand liters, where they are aged on oak stave. It is important to mention that the barrels and the stave are not burnt: the wood of which they are manufactured is so fragrant, that it contacts best with the cognac spirits, emphasizing its flower scent and soft nature.

Only high quality white wine materials are used for distillation. The craftsmen from the distillation unit delicately separate the primary and tertiary fractions, the so-called head and tail, to obtain a distillate without sediment and foreign particles, conserving the tender bouquet of the grapes.

Trying to achieve the harmonic composition of spirits of different years of aging, Moldavskiy Standard purchased in 2000 high-quality French cognac spirits. Now the key partner of the company form the French side is Société C. I. C.G France that supplies one of the best cognac spirits.

The production at the factory is made under the supervision of experienced French technologists, real cognac craftsmen. The coupage of cognac spirits from France and own cognac spirits became a new step in the initiation of the buyers in the European culture of cognac and brandy consumption. In the underground storehouse of the factor, the capacity of which is of approximately 150 thousand dL, old cognac distillate are ageing, and some of them are more than 200 years old.

Carting the course towards the highest quality, the factory is permanently developing: important investments are made in the renovation of the production park, and permanent modernization of the equipment is performed. Moldavskiy Standard purchased high-class refrigerating plants from the best international manufacturers Padovan and Vella for the expert cold processing of the cognac. Due to such processing and to the new filtration systems, the quality of the cognac is considered perfect.

The introduction of the quality control system at the plant allows producing perfect cognacs conforming to all international standards. The multilevel control is performed by the own laboratory of the enterprise, equipped with all necessary modern equipment and accredited by the National Certification System. Moreover, Moldavskiy Standard House purchased expensive equipment for the purpose of increasing the quality control – a gas-liquid chromatograph allowing to perform the entire range of analysis of the cognacs and cognac spirits. No cognac making enterprise of Moldova has such equipment and thus the company not only came to the international level of quality control, it also became a unique factory in the Republic of Moldova.