Golden year


Rich golden amber color.


Light aroma of spices, flowering grapes with elegant notes of frosty autumn colors.


Subtle scent of oak cones, royal plum aftertaste.

Experts created the Golden Year cognac based on classical technology from European grape varieties.

When creating the Golden Year cognac, experts were inspired by the idea to remind everyone about the most golden year in his life, which was, which is, which will be or which lasts all his life. The golden year cognac is a golden moment in the life of every person.

Gastronomic combinations

— to be served with a dessert plate made of Wedgwood porcelain with slices of golden apples.


To be served 19-21°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml
Quantity in package 20
Cognac rating XO,VSOP,VS
Aging at least 7,5,3 years
Grape variety Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Rkatsiteli
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.


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