Grand Moldaviens 3 years


Golden linden and flares of aromatic currant


Strong and imperious character, delicate scent, shimmering from the smell of sun-dried fragrant Moldovan apricots to fresh and juicy notes of Moldovan autumn pears.


By tasting and enjoying the taste of Grand Moldaviens cognac, true connoisseurs can feel the elegant taste of floral scents, the same as the hospitable Moldovan heart is filled with.

Grand Moldaviens cognac is an amazing combination of the grandeur of taste, color and the incomparable fragrance of the warm soul of the Moldovan people.

Experts made the cognac of seasoned cognac spirits, obtained from the grape varieties Aligote, Uni — Blan, based on classic technology, using special French equipment. They called this unique cognac in honor of their great compatriots who are the prototype of masculinity, amiability, courage and openness, great achievements and ingenious thoughts, which was reflected in the Grand Moldaviens cognac, which is preferred by truly great men.

Gastronomic combinations

It goes best with thin slices of quince with aromatic honey.


To be served 19-21°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml,250 ml
Quantity in package 20, 6
Cognac rating XO, VSOP,VS
Aging at least 3 years
Grape variety Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Rkatsiteli
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.


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