Moldavskii Standard continues the promotion of grappa in the Republica of Moldova, as well as abroad and produces the new elite drink — GRAPPA PREMIUM.

The drink pleases with its delicious aroma, crystal radiance. It is made based on technology, which makes this line different due to its exceptional quality.

GRAPPA PREMIUM is a product for people who are independent in life, have their own principles, choose friends, first of all for who they really are, value refined simplicity and all the present in life.

GRAPPA PREMIUM has a crystal clear ice color and an exceptional, soft, fragrant taste.

GRAPPA PREMIUM flavour is unique leading us to the wonderful trip to the blooming summer of our memory, where each of us has its own dawn on the river, the scent of flooded meadows, flowers, circles on the water, the sun makes its way through the pink haze and soon shines on each dewdrop.

Masters of the cellars Moldavskii Standard recommend to try GRAPPA PREMIUM uncooled from large crystal tulip-shaped glasses with thin walls in accordance with the rules of grapp premium consumption.

The Moldavskii Standard basement masters share a little secret only for cognac lovers. Create tiny cubes of ice from your favorite flavor additives. It can be ice from lime or ice from coffee, cherry ice or an extreme taste of thyme. Before use, add a few cubes into a crystal glass with Grappa Premium and enjoy. It is good to treat guests with a cheese board in addition to GRAPPA PREMIUM, decorated with grapes and figs.


To be served 4-6°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml
Quantity in package 20
Grape variety made of European grape varieties based on special technology using Armagnacs
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.

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