Prazdichnyi Aist


Natural amber colour


Young spirits included in the divin composition makes it light and fresh containing floral nuances. The divin has a subtle essential aroma of blossoming Tvarditsa grapes.


The taste appears gradually having the taste of honey fruits with a delicate plum aftertaste.

High-quality 5-star divin are made of aged cognac spirits, obtained from selected grape varieties. They are appreciated for their softness and excellent quality. After all, everyone can afford a 5-star divin surprising by its luxurious quality.

Gastronomic combinations

To be served after a Sunday family dinner with an apple charlotte. It goes excellent as an element for expensive cocktails.

The chefs of Moldova revealed the secret — a must ingredient of a restaurant solyanka is a few drops of 5-star divin.


To be served 19-21°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml
Quantity in package 20
Cognac rating VSOP
Aging at least 5 years
Grape variety Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Rkatsiteli
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.


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