Versailles VS


Elegant golden amber velvet colour.


Subtle and elegant flower bouquet with precious ethereal notes.


Cognac Versailles gradually appears with light flashes of violets, the taste of candied fruits, with a subtle oak aftertaste.

By drinking Versailles cognac you will easily feel like a real king with a glass of Bohemian crystal in the Mirror Gallery of the Palace of Versailles.

Cognac Versailles is a cognac distinguished by harmony and unique holistic features, the same as those of the famous Versailles palace and park.

Experts were struck by the beauty of the Versailles fountains and a piece of the French cultural heritage appeared in the cellars of the Moldavskii Standard House. Masters worked for a long time with cognac spirits, additives, aging to get a noble drink with a French soul.

Gastronomic combinations

— it goes perfectly with “Anise” sweets, with notes of violets, roses, orange, mint and jasmine. After all, French sweets “Anis” are some of the oldest sweets of France and the favorite treat of King Louis XIV.
Versailles cognac was awarded the golden medal at the tasting contest of World Food Ukraine 2006” exhibition, Grand Prix at the Wine Holiday in 2007.

It is exported to 5 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel.


To be served 19-21°C
Alcohol by volume 40%
Volume 500 ml, 250ml
Quantity in package 20
Cognac rating VS
Aging at least 3 years
Grape variety Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Rkatsiteli
Energy 174 Kcal
Shelf life 2 years after the bottling date.


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